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Cristiano Ronaldo don’t just stunned us with his skills on the field but  he’s done it off the field as well. The Portuguese universal has won everything there is to succeed at the club level and is a motivation to teenagers around  the world. With four Ballon d’Or awards in his feather cap, there are very few players more who are than the 32-year-old. This is evident from the praise he has garnered from fellow players and managers alike. On that note, here are 7 Cristiano Ronaldo quotes that are sure to leave an impression on you. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes

“Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable.”

  • My free-kick secret? I just look at the net and say take the kick, Cristiano.”
  • “Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable.”
  • “After I joined, the manager asked me what number I’d like. I said 28. But Ferguson said ‘No, you’re going to have No. 7’ and the famous shirt was an extra source of motivation. I was forced to live up to such an honour.”
  • “For me, Sir Alex [Ferguson] was my father in football. He was crucial in my career and, outside football, was a great human being with me. Talent isn’t everything. You can have it from the cradle, but it is necessary to learn the trade to be the best.”
  • “Scoring goals is a great feeling, but the most important thing to me is that the team is successful. It doesn’t matter who scores the goals as long as we’re winning.”
  • “It gives me the happiest feeling in the world. I just love scoring. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple goal from close range, a long shot or a dribble around several players, I just love to score all goals.” 
  • “I don’t have to show anything to anyone. There is nothing to prove.”
  • “I never tried to hide the fact that my only goal is to be the best”
  • “I will not quit
  • “Dreams normally should not what you see in your sleep, targets are points which do not permit you to sleep.” Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Maybe they hate me on account of I’m too good.
  • “I imagine I’ve improved from ultimate 12 months. I’m on a regular basis attempting to boost my recreation and improve myself.”
  • Why lie? I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say the choice of what I imagine, like some others do.” Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Don’t let small obstacles be in the easiest way of being victorious. Remember you are stronger than the challenges you face
  • I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from
  • If you assume you’re good already, you then under no circumstances is likely to be
  • I don’t have to point one thing to anyone. There is nothing to indicate.
  • Today there are alternate options that no one is conscious of if they’re going to come spherical as soon as extra inside the future.

If we can’t help our family, who are going to help?

It’s good to desire success. But it’s equally important to care for your family. Without them, you won’t be where you are today.

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