Dinesh, 51 Year Old Journalist Who is Running His Own Handwritten Newspaper Since 17 Years


An inspiring journalist’s story will make your day.

How is a newspaper published?

Well, apparently, it requires a computer to type the texts, staff to interpret it and a machine to print it. Right? But what if I tell you that there’s a journalist in Gandhi Colony, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, who ‘writes’ newspaper every day with just a few blank sheets, handing marker, sketch and a lot of confidence. Yes, a lot of confidence.

Meet Dinesh, a 51-year-old man who spends more than three hours each day writing a newspaper with his handwriting and then distributes it in the villages. He also sends some copies of his paper to PM and CM office.

Now, when I say ‘newspaper’, it isn’t alike to what we read every day. In his journal, Dinesh only focuses on the critical affairs and shares his detailed opinion on them. Imagine a complete newspaper decorated in beautiful handwriting, giving solutions to common but critical social issues of the country.

Impressive, isn’t it? So come, let’s know the story of this unique journalist who without any support is spreading awareness by his handmade newspaper.

Dinesh also sells ice cream and candies for his living.

News18 reporter Bikram Singh recently shared about Dinesh’s story with us. Along with selling ice cream and candies on the streets, he fulfils his fascination for writing a newspaper. And what amazed me the most is, Dinesh never accepted monetary help from people who wanted to uplift his financial status.

Dinesh says, “I want to live on my own, monetary help may make me selfish.”

Dinesh’s newspaper is called Vidya Darshan.

Once Dinesh’s handwritten papers get completed, he prepares few black and white copies of it. Then he delivers all those copies in different villages on his bicycle. Sharing his daily routine, Dinesh added that he is so busy in his schedule and indulged in his work that weeks pass and he doesn’t even get time to also wash his clothes.

For the sake of writing, Dinesh never got married.

It was Dinesh’s love for his handwritten Vidya Darshan that never let him get married and have kids. His passion for writing newspaper never benefitted him on a monetary basis, but he has no regrets of choosing it over his good future.

He doesn’t have a huge audience, but he says, even if one man is satisfied with his newspaper, he feels accomplished.

Like every journalist, Dinesh writes to bring a positive change with his words. Though he doesn’t have the modern technology, he believes that his mission of educating and spreading awareness is accomplished if even one of his readers is happy and satisfied with his handwritten media.

Selfless Dinesh is working hard every day without any support or fixed employment.

It has been 17 years since Dinesh is writing and selling his newspaper. While talking to Bindass India, Dinesh revealed that he receives many offers, but he rejects them all. He believes that though he doesn’t have a thousand copies, he has the faith of spending 3-4 hours and creating the best of what he has. And that is what he has been doing till now.


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