Four reasons why you should travel solo at least once

Let’s face it. At one point or another, we all wanted to leave everything behind, buy a one way ticket and get lost in a place no one can find us. Surely life cannot be all about cramming for a final paper, meeting presentation deadlines and paying bills. You can certainly stay within your comfort zone and continue doing what you do every day for the rest of your life. But ever wondered what happens the moment you step out of your safe bubble? Here’s something different you could do to break away from your routine. Travel solo! And these are four reasons to plan your solo trip now.

Find out below top reasons for travelling solo


Step out of your comfort zone

Comfort zone is a safe place to be. But magic happens the moment you step out. Travelling is an excellent way to expose yourself to different ways of life. But travelling solo is one of the most eye-opening experiences out there. Bargaining with street venders in Bangkok, snorkeling with sea turtles in Seychelles, kayaking in Bali can be intimidating. But being exposed to and absorbing what lies outside your comfort zone is a beautiful thing to experience.

Reconnect with yourself

Remove distractions, forget deadlines and meetings, leave responsibilities behind and let go of the need to be you best. When you travel solo, you learn to become comfortable in your own skin; you reconnect with the person that lies beneath the labels the society place on you. You live beyond what society expects from you. Traveling solo often puts things in perspective, and will give you the right amount of ‘me’ time you desperately need to focus on what matters.

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You heal

So you had your heartbroken, quarter-life crisis hit you early and you’re back in square one? Walk away from the city traffic. Take a break and travel far. Learn a tip or two on how to be happy and content from locals you meet on your way. Observe and analyses your thoughts and emotions in isolation. Lick old sore spots and survive the pain you try hard to ignore. A self-healing solo journey is an excellent way to come into peace with yourself. Let go of regrets, forgive yourself, redeem forgotten lessons and rediscover yourself.

Love yourself

Accept your flaws. Accept you for who you are. Jump into waterfalls, trek through a rainforest in flip-flops, try new things. Seek new landscape and meet yourself. Solo travel is a pilgrimage of self-discovery that makes you master the art of self-care.

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