(HSS) highstreetshoppers.com Honest Review & Complaints

Highstreetshoppers.com is one of India´s leading fashion label for the latest in women´s fashion and styling.

You are surely going to love this site like many other loyal customers. What is going to attract you to this immensely popular site is their amazing collection which is classy yet trendy at the same time. You will not find any of their items elsewhere making you feel very unique when you shop with them.

By and large, this is a site you can trust for delivering on its promise. Their cool products are 100% genuine,coming in all sizes and fittings at a reasonable price.
and rates are unbelieable Even if there are those occasional problems of bad fitting or inferior quality, their customer service is reasonable good. You should usually not have a problem in returning the item or getting your amount refunded back into your account. Their mobile app is pretty user-friendly. And it is hard to miss any of their promotional or sales offers as they advertise frequently on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Yes, there have been occasional complaints in the area of product delivery delays. But that has improved a lot. The delivery time is now pretty quick and ranges between 2-3 days. Customer service is mostly polite and very responsive.

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