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Ideas for startup your search ends here we bring list of best startup idea in indai, As you guys searching for profitable startup business ideas to start your own business, Many of you may have huge investment but no idea, & some people must be having an idea but no investment, This article will help whoever wants to start a business we have small startup ideas.

All the successful & biggest companies (in terms of monetary)  are today once were small business who worked hard and consistently to achieve goals company goals “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston S. Churchill 
What are the Needs How to start a small business in India

Follow these steps to Start Your Business:-1. Decide the Nature Of Business

2. Finalize Business Name 

3. Get Your Business Register with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


You have this all cool, You’re all set to take off your business.

Select Nature of Business

you can begin your entrepreneur journey and generate employment for other along with helping Indian economy grow, You can work on your own terms, there will no boss, You will have the financial freedom you can travel the world while your business skyrockets, You will have a good reputation in society and media as well.

Start Photography Business

Step One- Get StartEstimate Startup costs like camera cost, Lights, Triopads, and software to edit your photos, Learn the skills if you don’t know how to take professional photos 

Step Two- Assemble Team Find Revenue ModelFinalize a profitable margin for your selling price of product/service, Make sure you calculate the product cost and team salary and then add the best margin to final price to the customer, Hire new people as they say business is all about teamwork find out how many people you need what their roles and responsibilities are what their work process as you are leader of your company you have to make sure that everybody in your team is aware of company goals.
Step 3- Marketing Your Service/Products
Market your home-based photography business. Create and publish a website and distribute flyers to local schools, churches and clubs. Also, distribute literature to local professional offices, as many businesses hang photos of owners and managers in their offices. In addition, create social networking profiles and send out updates and special promotion announcements. Use your website to publish your portfolio and link any new work to your social network profiles.

Start Your Astrology Business

Finding a NicheAstrology businesses are numerous and competitive. The American Federation of Astrologers, founded in 1938, is now a global organization. Astrologers intent on thriving in a crowded field frequently select a narrow niche and mine it for clients. One example is the field of business astrology, which specializes in helping a business choose good astrological days to begin new projects and take other crucial actions, treating the business as if it were a person, and using a natal chart based on the day the business was started.

Studying Successful AstrologersTo draw potential customers, successful astrologers often develop an online presence, give interviews and write articles about the systems they use. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone website attracts an estimated 6 million visitors each month. Miller recommends writing e-books on astrological topics as a good promotional tool. Another successful astrologer, Rob Brezsny, noticed that many astrological forecasts were somewhat depressing and deterministic. His well-known “Free Will Astrology” website and email newsletter have attracted many clients, because Brezsny specializes in finding the most optimistic spin on weekly astrological trends, encouraging clients to view themselves as free agents in the universe.

Free ServicesSome astrologers suggest providing a modest amount of free astrological services to draw clients into exploring more complex paid options. Fei Cochrane, founder of an astrology teaching program and an astrology software company, suggests in an online essay, “How to Run an Astrological Business,” that astrologers offer a free reading to their friends and free lectures to community groups. Cochrane notes that new astrologers are sometimes obsessively afraid of donating any services, but she has found that giving a few free services is one reliable way to expand her paid customer base through word-of-mouth referrals.

Spin-off ProjectsThe spread of the Internet has enabled astrologers to find more clients by branching out into spin-off projects. Prior to the growth of the Internet in the late 1990s, many astrologers could interpret charts, write astrology books, produce astrological software, design sun sign jewelry and create other products, but few attempted to do more than one thing because of the burdens imposed by expensive computer technology and costly print media advertising. The Internet has made it much easier for astrologers create spin-off products and market them from a central website. Astrologers who lack the skills to produce a particular product can partner with other astrologers to offer it through affiliate links on their respective websites. For example, Llewellyn, one of the oldest metaphysical publishing companies in the United States, now provides an affiliate program which gives astrologers commissions in exchange for links to Llewellyn products placed on their websites.

Home Maintenance and Repair Service

Owning a home maintenance service business can be very rewarding in today’s market. Whether you are skilled in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting or roofing, many homeowners prefer having a reliable contractor to go to when a repair issue arises. Even if you specialize exclusively in a particular home maintenance area, there are steps you can take to increase awareness of your business and, therefore, your client base. Identifying potential clients, offering promotions and collecting referrals are a few ways to can successfully grow your business.Startup Costs: Under 20,000Home Based: Can be operated from home.Part Time: Can be operated part-time.Online Operation? Yes, 

Freelancing Blogger/Influencer

Get paid for your blog postings start your youtube channel or blog grow your audience earn money through Adsense and online advertising, you can offer your services as a freelance blogger to other businesses and publications that will pay for your expertise.

Home Tutor for Kids

If you want to help kids learn the very basic of life skills or writing basic study or games, you could start a tutoring service.

Cake Maker 

Cake Making Machine is a good idea to set up a Small Business at home. Demand and Market of Cake:There is a good demand for cake on various occasions and festivals all throughout the year, basically, the demand increases in Christmas day and in English New Year. With this Cake Making Machine, you can make various cakes and after packing it you can sell it in the market or supply orders.

How to make a cake with Cake Making Machine:

To make a cake you need a Whisker Machine / Mixer Machine and a big woven. The materials you need are sugar, flour, ghee, eggs, baking powder, flavor, cashew-nut, currant, almond/nuts, cherry, etc.At first, you have to whisk sugar, baking powder, flour, ghee, eggs in indicated quantity with Whisker Machine / Mixer Machine. Then you have to mix currant, almond, cashew-nuts with the mixture. Now pour the mixture in the dies of various sizes and shapes and put on the woven. Now your cake is ready. At last pack, these and you can sell these in the market.It needs 2 hp motor and 220 to 440 volt to operate the machine.

Price of the Cake Making Machine:The price of the Cake Making Machine which can make up to 50 kg mixture is approximately Rs. 80,000 and the machine which can make 10 to 15 kg mixture is approximately Rs.30,000.Price of the woven is approximately Rs. 2-3 lakh.

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