How to know if someone viewed your facebook profile

So many readers like you of Monday Motivation asking us is there any way to check who views my facebook profile short answer is NO But the long answer is yes which am going to share with you guys.

Beware of apps don’t download any app in the name of checking who is viewing your profile in real time, If you do download any such app like or any other spy app which claims they can help you see who viewed your profile, They will ask for your email ID and password once you do that your account will be hijacked, You will no longer have access to your profile they will change recovery Email and numbers as well before you know that you’ve been hacked. So guys please be aware any such app.


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Who viewed my profile how can I check:-

Well, you can’t there’s no feature in Facebook yet which can tell you who check out your profile, who knows if in future facebook make a feature like this. Until then just guess who visiting your profile or you can stalk your own wall too, Just Like I do sometimes.


Is there any way to check out FB profile stalkers


Yes, But it’s too not in your range to access that tool only governments of some country can check that too for security reasons, and Facebook knows all you can request facebook


Please share with your friends as well that there’s no way to check who viewed your profile, and help them from getting hacked by fake websites.



How to know if someone viewed your facebook profile


As we discussed please don’t fall in any trap by any website or application currently Facebook has no feature to know if someone has visited your profile, any other app claiming to give you data of people who visit your Facebook profile, they are lying they will ask your facebook user id and password, once you give them you will be hijacked from your Facebook account, In hijack you can’t reset your password because attacker will change your recovery email address as well as soon they get into your facebook account,  so guys be aware from those apps please share with your friends that there’s no way to know who visits your profile

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