Upcomming Amazon Wearable Device Now Can Track how We feel and Read all Emotions

Described as a health product, it would work with a mobile app, Engineers team at Amazon completed working on a device which is wearable & can read our mind emotions & thoughts, As reported by Bloomberg. It can be connected to android or apple Apps lab126 and engineers of amazon collaborating on the same project.

Device will have mic to hear and it will listen to voice and then will recognize our emotions, The device which can understand human emotions sounds like some sci-fiction movie other companies also working on similar projects are IBM Corp., among a host of other firms, are developing technologies designed to derive emotional states from images, audio data and other inputs. Amazon has discussed publicly its desire to build a more lifelike voice assistant.

This technology can be used to sell the right products to the right customers which is good for advertiser and publisher also, but the concern is the data is being collected on a personal level that machines can know what we feeling is the question of privacy. WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS DEVICE PLEASE SHARE IN COMMENTS !

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