Interview with Chetna Vasishth Host/founder of ChetChat



Name: Chetna Vasishth      

City: Mumbai, India

Occupation: Owner of ‘ChetChat’ the largest online digital chat show in the career space

Channel Link –

ChetChat ( today is the largest Indian online talk show in the career space. It is a one of a kind career-oriented channel featuring students and experts speaking about how to pursue careers, medicine, design, chartered accountancy, dentistry or artificial intelligence, machine learning and even cricket. They also share their experiences from universities around the globe like Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia, Oxford, University of Toronto. They speak about cracking top exams like the UPSC, CLAT, IBPS and CA entrances.

You will also find videos from students pursuing pure passions like dancing, art, singing and scuba diving etc. We did two videos with Terence Lewis, who gave incredible advice to prospective dancers and shared his life story with us. We visited Virendra Sehwag’s school in Haryana to show students how to become a cricketer. We have interviewed several entrepreneurs and CEO’s on their stories, challenges and how they keep going.

I want every single student and parent to subscribe to ChetChat and watch videos around the career of their dreams to be able to best decide whether that field is indeed for them or not and if yes, how they can go about making their dreams come true.

When we started out, I would call people and invite them to the show. It was funny how they would sometimes avoid my calls, even some people I knew very well, didn’t want their children to be interviewed, since they were worried about how this would turn out eventually. There were times when the person confirmed and would cheekily opt out in the nick of time, with some lame excuse. It seemed difficult back then and funny right now.

We’ve come a long way and now, PR managers are calling and writing in, requesting for the clients to be featured on ChetChat, and I find it funny that sometimes I am refusing.

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Life goes around full circle.

For long term success of a YouTube Channel, uploading quality content is the starting point. The goal is to reach more and more students and their parents and also to ensure that existing subscribers watch most of your content. Some of our practices include –

According to Chetna Vasishth What is Women Empowerment:-

Chetna: To me it is recognising the power that we have within us and to trust that power. To rely fully on ourselves and keep moving in the direction of our dreams without waiting for external support. True women empowerment is about women providing strength to everyone around them because that is the real power we have.

Where Chetna Vasishth see herself in next 5 years.

Chetna: I see ChetChat being the largest talk show in India both on the digital space and on Television, encompassing a wide array of topics under the umbrella of careers.


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