Dead Bodies in Ganga 50+ Varanasi Images Will Shock Everyone

Dead Bodies In Ganga


In the year 2008, 50 images were posted by a foreigner who was then visiting Varanasi and has spent a few months there, Images which shocked the world had gone viral in China,

Do people throw dead bodies in the Ganga river nowadays?

Yes people throw no doubt about it, Images shared below are extremely disturbing, but for the people of Indian and government it’s seems fine, because in Hindu ritual hindu’s can dispose body in Ganga river, if the family of dead person can’t afford to have final rituals on behalf of dead person for mukti(moksha), so that the family throws body into the Ganga they think they dead has got moksha but all it’s doing is polluting Ganga no strict laws are currently to prevent such kind of incidents

India has rich history nothing new whole world knows yoga was invented in ancient India and Mahabharat and Ramayan proofs are there which clear that those events occurred in the past, Indian should be on your travel list if you truly want to feel how it feels to be in the biggest and successful democracy.

India and Indians face insults on an international level by others for its hypocrisy towards its religion believes, Ganga is the holiest river still it’s the most polluted river in India. People are getting lynched in dobut for beef eating, India is 3 most exporter of red meat in the world.

Still india has same issues like back in 2009 condition is almost same in 2019 every year thousands of dead body float in river and travel with it.

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