17 Easy Tips to Impress Any Girl

How we get impressed by other as human beings, If we think like that you will get the answer, Try to be as real as you are then only you chances to impress a girl, Thesis can be written on it. But we are here at Monday motivation bring you some tips will help you impress your crush.


Tips to Impress a Girl

Do something exciting, creative and exciting about your looks while having your friend come over to your place to hang out. This is just to impress her with your gorgeous figure and your sexy clothes. Then hang out and watch her take pictures. She can then write the words “Wow! I have you now! Thank you so much!”

Let Her Know You Like Her

This is one of the best way to get more girls to choose you over your competitors. Get their attention and then present at least one good thing to them — a job, an engagement or a gift for them.

This one, also a pretty one, shows that you want to impress them by giving something. It is also a great way to build an emotional bond with women with no interest in your business. It shows everyone around you that you’ve got their best interests at heart.

You are going to get a lot of compliments and they want you to give them something they want.

Dress Well Smell Good

Obviously, If you stink sorry boy you can’t even impress a boy for genuine friendship :D, Try to smell good use deodorants, make sure whenever you face her you are well groomed in sense of bath smelling clean clothes and hygiene is a topmost priority to impress girls.

Crack Good Jokes

Yeah If You can, if can’t, learn some watch standup comedy videos online to get some sense of humor, All girls want a boy who can make her smile and keep happy, Share with her memes you think are really funny and can give her hint how much you like her. You can find all types on memes on our facebook page.

Do good deeds When No One Watching

Telling a woman what she would like to hear makes her much more likely to like you! This is why I am calling on you to talk to her about what she likes to watch. Make sure that you have the right music playing. If she does not like it, give her something else to watch. Ask her if she likes movies like The Walking Dead. Watch a movie or TV show if you enjoy watching it. Have her watch you.

Once she has started talking about all sorts of topics with you, try to keep going with your flirtation. As always, your intentions are to start them because you think she should be interested. Remember, you are playing for her. Her only role is to be interested, even if


Don’t Touch Her Unnecessary

No boy, Even don’t think to touch her with permission, This can tell how lusty you’re and you just want her body nothing else, Don’t touch any girl unless she is your bae. Respect every human being, Imagine someone touching you forcefully how it will make you feel?

Be Confident

Confidence is the key, All girls like boys with confidence, Confidence begins with  stop being insecure the key to confidence is live what you really are not being fake, Once you start believing in yourself and less caring what others might think of you, your confidence builds.

Bold as ever on the field. Dang the ball!  I see why this squad is so hot! It took me a whole 20 years to get to this point But let’s just say… I’m still on board.

Keep Yourself Healthy

This should be on top of your priority list, Healthy means not having six packs abs or Salman khan type body, In terms of how healthy and active you’re are you a lazy ass or not, Healthy body is a gift from God keep it in good condition.

While it isn’t just a weight loss exercise, a regular exercise class helps improve your energy at every workout and makes sure you stay in excellent condition, and it gives you a solid foundation to build on. For those with health concerns or chronic illnesses, try yoga, cardio classes or pilates or swim classes, or the weight loss benefits will be obvious.

Don’t shout or Show Anger

Are you MAD doesn’t even make her feel like that you angry or you shouting at her.

Be a good Listener, and make it fun for everybody.

We don’t need a lot of content to attract and connect with your listener. In fact, that’s your job, not ours.

So, what makes this different?

First, you’re helping a listener understand the context and tone of your content… and if it sounds good or it’s inspiring to you, that’s great!
The second key is a clear message. Your content will create a deep connection between the Listener and the content… that’s all it’s about. So if you’re creating content that’s emotional or inspirational, but also offers clear information, that’s great.

Sing or Dance For her

That can be best if you can, Even if you dance and sing like it’s hard to tolerate, Girl will definitely notice you effort that you can go to any extent to be her man. A lot of the time that the show itself isn’t that great, it’s just me being me and it ends up being a great deal of fun, you know?

Be Loyal & Look Into the Eyes

Loyalty is rare and everything, Look into her eyes while talking, Don’t stare.

Give Surprises

Give any surprise girls love being surprised, gift her something really amazing that will add value in her habits if has that will make her think that you care about her.

Understand Her well

If you want to impress her you got to understand her what she likes what she dislikes and pay close attention to it, and then modify in yourself, Find out what chocolates, movie, colors she likes.

Share Your thoughts Emotions

Also share your emotions with her let her know all your feelings in your heart for her, talk about your family ask her about her family.

Never Shy to Say Sorry

Never ever if you messed you something you must have balls to accept the fact & say Sorry, Only the one who is strong can say sorry.

Always Give Her Smiles

When you smile it releases some chemicals in your brain which makes your face more happier, And who doesn’t like a happy person.

Accept Her Decision & Move ON

Ok, So you have tried all still can’t impress her, Just accept it be good to her, move on the right girl will come, boy.. there is a saying ” You don’t have to force right girl, Right girl will come and stay”



Please share how to impress a girl??

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