Interview with parul mehta founder of resercho

Can You Introduce Your Self and What is Resercho what is the vision of the company.

Parul Mehta:- Hey everyone, I am Parul and I am the founder of, which is a platform for students, academics, professionals etc. to showcase their work, increase citations, collaborate and network with each other. I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug when I went to study in New Zealand to pursue my post graduation degree from the University of Auckland. I was really frustrated as I had to submit essays every week and write a dissertation in order to get my degree and felt that all my hard work was going unnoticed and my research work was just going to waste. That’s when I decided to create a platform where everyone can upload their academic work and get the
the appreciation they deserve for it.

Resercho’s Vision:

Every year, students all around the world have to write dissertations, essays, articles, thesis, school assignments etc. or create academic projects which define their grades. A lot of hard work, time, energy and resources go into producing this work. However, most of the academic work and projects go unnoticed and don’t even get a chance to be published anywhere. This is the
problem that Resercho is trying to solve. Resercho provides a platform for students, teachers, scientists, academics etc. to upload their notes, dissertations, essays, articles, videos, images, etc. to build a network and to create exposure for your work all around the world. Moreover, it eradicates the massive amount of academic work going to waste and renders a great
opportunity for everyone to utilize all of this work.

What you think the biggest confusion around students?

I personally feel that the biggest confusion for students are deciding what they want to do in life. The competition in every field is extremely high and can be very daunting to deal with for some students. The society especially parents and relatives put too much pressure on the kids and have certain career expectations and standards set for them which can confuse them
further. I would advise students to take up subjects that they are interested in and not succumb to the societal pressures.

What tips would you like to give millennial students?

In today’s day and age, the most valuable thing you can have are skills. I would advice all students to focus on developing their skills, it can be any skill in their area of interest. It could be anything such as developing your communication skills, learning how to create an app or a website, cooking, dancing, etc. These skills will provide you great employment opportunities and prepare you to start your own business or entrepreneurial ventures. Furthermore, I would recommend students to not be afraid of failure. Failure is an imperative part of your life as it teaches you a lot of good life lessons and is a stepping stone to success. So take risks in life and don’t worry about falling.

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What is important as a student to follow in life?

As a student, don’t just study to achieve good grades or marks. Study to gain knowledge and acquire as much knowledge as you can. Don’t think that once you leave school or university you’ll stop learning or you will not need to study or learn anything anymore. Learning should be a continuous process that happens throughout your entire life. Always be open to learning new things, especially in this fast-paced world where everything is changing constantly. Furthermore, it is essential to create a good balance between your studies, hobbies and social life. All of these are integral aspects of your life and shape up your personality, so focus on your studies but also make time for extra curricular activities such as sports, dancing, singing and hanging out with friends etc.

What is your future planning of Resercho?

I would like to see Resercho being used by as many students, schools and universities as possible all around the world and hope that everyone’s academic work starts being appreciated. In the future, I would want people to get good employment opportunities from resercho, get collaborations for academic projects and build a good network.

How can students with average marks make a good career as well?

Like I mentioned above, developing your skills is essential. You can use these skills to find good jobs and business opportunities. It doesn’t necessarily have to be academic skills. You can learn how to apply makeup and freelance or you can learn digital marketing which encompasses many things under it such as Seo, Social media marketing, Google Adwords etc. which are high demand skills at the moment. All these skills can be learned through short term courses that are available online or by watching free videos online. There are so many things you can learn from the internet for free so utilize this opportunity and make the most of it. Moreover, in today’s world, there are so many problems that people are facing all around the globe. Use these problems as business opportunities and find a way to solve them.



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