Salman Khan Net worth 2019 Biography, Wiki, Career & Facts


Salaman Khan Net Worth 2019 $319 Million

Net Worth:  1900 Crore   
Born:27 December 1965
Country of Origin:India
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor
Last Updated:2019

Early Life

Salman Khan born Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan on 27 December 1965) is an Indian film superstar, He has starred in more than 90 Hindi films. Salman Khan is now regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema following his movies’ success after giving five consecutive blockbusters including Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger and lately Dabangg 2, Ek Tha Tiger, Bajrangi Bhai Jaan

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Salman Khan is the eldest son of screenwriter Salim Khan and his first wife Salma (Sushila Charak). His paternal grandfather was a Muslim from Afghanistan who immigrated to India and settled in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Khan’s mother is reported to be a Maratha Hindu. His family celebrates Islamic and Hindu festivals such as Maha Shivaratri and Ganesh Chaturthi. In 2010 Khan stated that he is “half Muslim and half Hindu”. His stepmother is Helen, a former actress, who has co-starred with him in a few films. He has two brothers, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, and two sisters, Alvira and Arpita. Alvira is married to actor/director Atul Agnihotri. Khan finished his schooling through St. Stanislaus High School in Bandra, Mumbai, as did his younger brothers Arbaaz and Sohail. Earlier, he studied at The Scindia School, Gwalior for a few years along with younger brother Arbaaz

How is Salman Khan like in real life?

Salman Khan loves to be surrounded by his entourage. He needs people around him everywhere he goes. He especially loves it when people come over to his place. That being said, he likes to be by himself when people are over! It seemed rather weird to me the first time I met him that 30 odd-people were hanging out in his patio and he was walking around alone from one place to another. He is also very close and supportive of his family. There is no fakeness among them and they actually care greatly for each other.

Salman is honestly pretty cool. His house has one small 4 seater dining table, and once when big industrials had come over to his for dinner, there was a shortage of chairs so he casually pulled up a stool from the kitchen and ate holding his plate. He is super confident of himself and doesn’t ever really see the need to impress.

He is extremely good looking in real life as well. His skin actually shines! He has a sense of indifference about him and he always spoke to me and welcomed me when I met him (because I was related to his buddy I’m sure) but he was never actually ‘friendly’. He is rather well-spoken and tends to speak with a slight accent.

Salman Khan is actually a fitness freak! He can cycle 30–40 km in Bombay roads and has done it with me at 1:00 PM during peak summers.

Salman Khan Networth

Other interesting Facts& quotes about Salman khan

Salman is a big Game of Thrones Fan
He loves Bacardi
He is really into ATV’s and quad bikes
He is okay to ride in anything from a black and yellow taxi to a Ferrari

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