The story of Major Chitresh, who was supposed to come home on February 28 for his marriage but …

February 15th The Birthday of Retired Police Officer SS Bisht, living in Nehru Colony of Dehradun. When he got up, a surprise gift at home was waiting for him. With the cake. It was sent by his son. Bisht Saheb was happy. Son’s call came. Birthday was special. Told that I am coming home on 28th February.

This phone was Major Chitresh Singh Bisht’s. They were supposed to come on 28th February because their marriage was fixed on 7th March. He told the mother on the phone that when I come, I will give her a sari of choice. Wear me in the same wedding. But they did not come. Chitresh was posted in Naushera of Jammu Kashmir. On the morning of February 16, several mines were found on Naushera border. The terrorists had laid down Chitresh reached the spot with his bomb disposal team. Defuse a mine. The others were doing that mine got activated. Exploded And the 31-year-old pictured were injured. They were taken to the hospital but they could not be saved. Chitresh became martyred.

When this accident happened. Chitresh’s father was busy sharing the card for the marriage of SS Bisht’s son. The whole family was in the preparations for the wedding. But on February 16, this atmosphere changed. When the news of the son’s martyr reached the house. Father says –

The strange irony is. he was about to come home for the wedding. Now we are waiting for his body.

On February 18, when the body of Chitresh reached his home in Nehru Colony, Dehradun, people were everywhere. Thousands of people The road was covered. Slogans were echoing – Chitresh Amar remained . Long live Mother India. As long as the sun remains moon, your name will remain …

His friend, Major Jeintendra Ramola, who reached the final journey of Major Chitresh, says, “Chitresh was a very brave officer. Filled with passion for your duty. No one could stop him on any occasion to serve the country. Being a martyr of Chitresh is a great loss for the country, more than that for the family who lost his son. According to the family, Major Bisht has so far defused 25 bombs. He was also very promising since his childhood. He achieved ninth place in the examination for Major rank. Indian Military Academy Dehradun had passed passports in 2010. At the moment, the army was stationed in the engineering corps.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat also reached the final visit of Major Chitresh. He said – I bow to the martyrdom of Major Bisht in the service of the country and express heartfelt condolences to the martyrs’ families. In this hour of crisis, the whole country stands with them.

Shaheed Major Chitresh Bisht and his family also greeted us

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