How you can make money starting a blog


  • What is Adsense ?
  • How to earn money with Adsense ?
  • Wht is blogging ?
  • How to earn with blogger
  • How to earn money online in the legal way ?

These three above questions have nearly the same answers. I have clearly explained below. have a look I will explain step by step what you have to do.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the legal and easiest way to make money online. See the list of people who making money online Already millions of people are making lots of money online through blogging. Blogging means 5 steps below

  • You are creating a blog/website .
  • Write/post the content into your blog.
  • Signup to advertising programs .
  • Visitor visits your blog and clicks on the ads on your blog
  • Then you will earn for every click .
  • This is called blogging. Very simply Isn’t it ? ya.

How to earn from blogging?

In the above lines, I have said signing up for advertising programs. Confused ?? Well, there are many advertising programs that advertise on your blog and pay you. You can sign up for free and get partnered with them.

Then you need to put their advertisements on your blog. Then whenever visitors come to your blog they may click on the ads. Then those advertising programs pay you money. There is nothing to do, but you have to write quality content into your blog. Don’t copy from other blogs is a waste of time and you will get banned. so don’t ever try to copy from other blogs.

What is Adsense ?

Adsense is owned by Google, so it is called as google Adsense . It is one of the best advertising programs which pay a lot of bloggers. Google Adsense pay according to CPC.

They pay for every click without fail. That is whenever your visitor clicks on your ads, google AdSense will pay you . Once you reach $100 in your acount they will send cheques to your address. You have to sign up with adsense and put their ads into your blog. That’s it. Then earnings will come automatically as your traffic grows.

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